I am not posting this to get political. I think all of you know I would never care to taint my website with the nasty twisted lying ways of the political world. So when you read the article, ignore the political side and instead look at the general topic and point being so clearly made.

If we remove the politics of the article we find what I have been seeing in disgust for many years, seemingly growing with each new year. It seems that as the world grows more crowded with people, the human skin grows thinner and thinner. Where once people were told to stand their ground, stand up for themselves and family and friends, do not cower because you have an opinion (the way it was when I was growing up), now people are told to stand down, avoid rocking the boat at any cost, apologizes at every turn for having personal thoughts/opinions and basically keep their mouths shut. In a country where we have a constitutional right of freedom of speech the country is turning in on itself, weakening and cowering because someone else was offended by something they might have said. Pathetic! People are turning cowardly and the media does nothing but promote it.

Well, here is the article where Clint Eastwood I think says it perfectly. Eastwood reminds me a lot of my grandfather. He was also very outspoken, speak your mind and not afraid of voicing his opinion. He taught me a lot.


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