Thought Mice in the Brain

October 27th, 2016 by

A question was recently asked of me. It concerns Eagle Mind practices and focuses and the nature of our thoughts. The question was:

How can I tell if a thought is my own vs. someone else’s or implanted etc…? I feel like I have plenty of thoughts that aren’t my own, but it’s hard to say for sure.  I’d like to think that any time I think about something distasteful that these thoughts are not mine, but how can I be sure?

Thoughts are tricky because they are layered within both conscious and subconscious energies of the brain. There is no cut and dry answer. The complexity of though energies that we are exposed to includes some of the following directions:

  • Thoughts originating from our current and most immediate conscious awareness (ie. I am cold. I feel sad. I find that incredibly funny.) These follow suit with immediate stimuli being recognized and processed by the aware conscious state.
  • Thoughts originating from focuses beyond or outside of the immediate conscious awareness (ie. In three years I want to own a sports car. Last week I should have said something to that guy at work.)
  • Conditioned thoughts originating from triggering (ie. Oh the whole world is against me. That son-of-a-bitch is gonna pay.) This really covers a wide range of potentials; childhood conditioning, work related conditioning, religious conditioning, “programming” conditioning, etc.
  • Thoughts originating from childhood bleeding into the present (ie. I am angry because my father treated me that way. I hate all bullies because of what happened on the playground when I was in primary school.) These tend to arise when we are feeling vulnerable in some way.
  • Thoughts originating from the subconscious (ie. I want to rape that person. I want to tuck tail and hide in a hole.) Usually stemming from some trauma that is in some way being triggered by current circumstances and the conditioning or emotional damage takes on an inner voice to express seemingly out of the blue statements in our heads.
  • Thoughts being carried on electronic waves. These are thought waves of others, or artificially generated ones from say computer technology, that can slip through exposed or damaged of sensitive areas of our brain. They may sound like they are our thoughts, but when we focus on them they do not feel like our thoughts. They will seem external in nature, flat and so without reference or background.

The tricky part comes into play when thoughts are being generated by areas of your subconscious that your conscious has yet to make a conscious connection to. The unknown areas of self if you will. These thoughts my seem very foreign, but are still your thoughts. Another spin angle of this is when computer technology generates artificial thoughts that your brain picks up that are very similar to your thought patterns, or patterns of your triggered states, or even old patterns from childhood that your brain will still recognize as familiar.

For example, “I want to rape that person.” Now this thought may go completely against your adult moral agreed upon code. However, there could be a part of you as an adolescent who was abused and never learned how to beneficially express and resolve that abuse. Even though your adult brain pushed it aside, maybe even repressed the memory and experience, it still remains within working on a subconscious level, completely unknown to your conscious awareness. That adolescent self locked in the time of that abuse may have generated thoughts of its own in attempts to vent some of that trauma.

That thought may seem very foreign and not of your brain, but in-fact it could very well be as the above example points out. These types of thoughts, the ones that go against your current agreed upon adult code, may seem disturbing and your logical brain does not want to accept that they may be coming from you. But that wish does not change the reality of it. Yes it is very easy to point fingers at technology and artificially sent thoughts, but we cannot use that as a knee jerk failsafe response to every unpleasant thought that runs through our heads. We need to do our own work to continue discovering who we are on all levels possible, uncovering the mysterious subconscious, making conscious connections to the subconscious and thereby eventually regaining more and more awareness and control of the self as we are here in this life. it is not easy, it is not fast and there is rarely any kind of completion of it. It is just what it is, part of this life’s experience set.

There is no chart that tells us what a “normal” brain’s thought processes should be or look like. The brain is so incredibly complex and vastly unknown to science. The slightest difference in chemical nature, electrical current, circulation, external environmental influence and so on can create huge swings in how the brain functions and even the most subtle changes can dramatically alter who we are functioning through our brains.

Thoughts are like mice running through hidden as well as exposed tunnels and hallways through our heads. If you pay them too much mind they can drive you crazy. Rather I find it is best to try fining out where they are coming from. That can lend a powerful hand in understanding them, their nature and energy and give us a chance to work with them rather than avoiding them in states of shame, guilt, horror and denial.

Give it a thought if you will. 🙂


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