Thoughtless Idiocy

April 16th, 2017 by

Redneck and White Trash Neighbors:

Waiting for the opportune moment,

like a holiday,

when everyone living around them is home wanting to enjoy the day,

they sit round smoking, drinking and storing up trash.

Upon the sunny, breezy warm morning of a holiday

they set to action!

Piling rubbish and debris to the sky

they all light up cigarettes and throw a match to the pile.

Flame slowly spread through the mound of filth

while thick billowing blue smoke curls about.

They stand round and drink and smoke,

they poke and stir the burning trash

as toxic air wafts to fill their neighbor’s yards.

Next door homes with windows thrown wide,

to invite fresh spring air inside,

quickly fill up with smoky tides of nauseous fumes

from the redneck past-time of burning trash.

With neighbors coughing and wheezing

on their warm sunny holiday

the white trash next door pile on more!

Plumes of sinus swelling clouds cover the land,

fill every house, nose and breath

while the rednecks laugh at half brained humor

like deranged lunatics.

Smoky why yes, but it’s too quiet to leave to rest.

Break out the guns and shoot while drunk

while someone remains

to feed the flames with more junk.

Let the dog run the wilderness lands,

chasing down deer and tormenting everything,

while its constant baying echoes through the hills,

a perfect noise addition to a redneck holiday!

Luckily the law is on their side,

too busy to bother, too lame to care,

someone else neighbors, someone else problems,

but raise your voice in disapproval

and you’re the crazy trouble maker.

A typical redneck affair lasting dawn till dusk polluting the air.

“Live and let live.” – a motto told by someone who must not have lived next to the redneck and white trash population.


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