Touch of Snow- Breath of Wind

April 27th, 2012 by

Just for fun! A bit of inspiration from todays Vermont mountain weather 🙂

Aprils end is growing near but winters touch falls ever clear,

Upon the soft red cherry leaf lie crystals of white

Each in perfection within itself as a snowy owls tear…

Pure snowflakes of white swirl and dance through the breath of wind with a backdrop of new fresh green. Born again and unfurling swift are the fragile leaves of the big toothed aspen, black cherry, red, striped and sugar maples, apples and willows, tamarack and lilac. Far below spotted leaves of the stout trout lily, the spreading toothwort, fiddleheads from the many ferns, dock and nettles, dandelions, cleavers and trillium with their robust red flowers hang with a touch of snow. Daffodils, brilliant yellow glow with a décor of white flakes of the old winter, but fallen fresh for this early spring show.

Though beech and ash and oak still sleep, their kin are brave and not so meek to greet the spring with open leaf. Grasses lush adorn with fluff, frozen and perfectly placed; the landscapes transformed as two seasons meet and paint each other’s face.

To feed upon this wonderland, this feast for the soul creates a depth and satisfaction that could never grow old. More pleased is my eye the longer I gaze, drinking the artwork in sighs. Breath of wind speeds the dance into a frantic daze as flakes of white glimmer in sight and invoke a memory of deep winter nights.

A touch of snow and breath of wind make right the day with mingled seasons caress. This heart filled smile could carry me miles because its salubriousness.


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