Reminders of what, who and where we are through energy and symbol surround us all, both seen and unseen. This is one reason I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors; the forest lands, mountains and deep canyons speak to me always and continually teach and guide me through the many primal languages of this life. All things communicate within the frequency range and Medicine they align with. Whether singing or growling, speaking or listening, feeling and sensing; dancing, chanting, thoughts, intentions and prayers are all forms of countless ways of communication.

I was taught at a young age to never close myself to the communications of all life no matter how foreign they may seem. Everything “speaks” in its own way and I was reminded to listen through full awareness so that I would never forget the living dance everything is a part of and to “hear” what was being said to me, for me.

Trees are magnificent teachers. The tree itself is s symbol to life. Starting from a small seed fallen from heights and buried in the dark earth, it sprouts. Growing it feeds off earth, sky, sun and water. The elements make it and the tree spirit weaves them masterfully together to thus create itself with the raw materials of life. The tree stores the elements and many years after its passing the energy stores of fire and earth, air and water can still be found and used by the living.

Trees spread their roots deep into the earth’s soil and rock. They ground themselves into the physical reality we all walk within, rooted, solid, standing always. On the other side they reach their branches to the light, to the vast sky above. The earth is female energy and the sky is male. The tree shows us the balancing of female and male within life and within ourselves. Trees allow us to witness the gathering of Medicine from the sky and earth, from male and female to create life on this planet. Firmly rooted in the physical reality of the earth plane and yet ever reaching into the realm of the unseen, the realm of spirit.

Though when a tree reaches too far into the unseen, forgetting to place equal energy into its grounding, spreading its roots, the mighty winds and storms of snow and ice break them, uproot them and drive them crashing to the soil and rock below. The final reminder that proper grounding is essential to life.

Beyond this the tree also teaches us how to receive and give in a balanced way. In a continual flow of energy exchange the tree receives from sun and earth equally and both energies flow in opposite directions; sun to roots and earth and earth to leaf and sky. The tree breathes just like us; inhalation, exhalation, expanding in heat and contracting in cold.

What is the center of this balance we see within the trees? The heartwood. It is that center core wood deep within the trunk. The “heart” of the tree just like the heart of the human. But the heart alone cannot survive. Remove the sun and air, the sky itself and the tree dies no matter how strong the heartwood. There must always be balance and the trees show us this clearly. The Medicine of Life relies and revolves upon the flow of balance. Remove that balance and disease moves in with the taint of imbalance.

Here in my free articles I put out bits and pieces of information found at Ways Of The Wild Institute; just bits and pieces incomplete. If you like what you read and wish to find the soil of the information I suggest looking into the many courses or even dvd sets we have here in Vermont. Within the courses I strive to uphold that balance the trees speak of when presenting vast amounts of material. To find upcoming courses view the schedule page.

When is the last time you quieted yourself to listen to the voices of the trees?





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