Truth is Personal

January 31st, 2017 by

Truth is a funny thing and though the word is thrown around all the time, sometimes seemingly as a weapon or shield, its meaning is many times obscure.

The sky is blue one might say as being truth. Another might say that the sky is every color but blue because the only hues we see are the colors not absorbed by the surface and thereby reflected back. Yet someone else could challenge and state that the very term “sky” is something of an ambiguity. After all what is the sky? Many feel it is the vastness of space above us. However, to others the sky is fickle since it only appears by day. By night it simply becomes the vast expanse of the universe, no longer the “sky”.

With that said then what color is the sky when many cannot even agree upon what the sky actually is. And then the “truth” that the sky is blue would only be “truth” to those who believe the sky is blue and only humans or critters that can see the color blue. Many creatures and even some people cannot see the color blue. They have no concept of what “blue” is. So how then would the “truth” of the sky being blue hold up in their worldly perceptions?

The point of this is not so much goofiness, but rather to once again present the reality of truth being many times unique to the individual perceptions in and of life as one understands it. This is why trying to force your ideas of truth onto another is futile and a waste of energy. Truth at its best is personal and should never be used as a weapon against others, as it is a great deal on a global scale.

All Native American tribes I have studied knew this on a deep level; arcane in nature. They did not force people of the tribe to believe as they did. They did not require anyone to observe the beliefs of themselves. No chief told another what to do. If they did they were not a chief. The people in general understood and respected that everyone has the right to walk as they will and believe what they will, that “truth” was simply a personally accepted belief. They witnessed this all around them in the natural world of diverse ecosystems where everything lives within its own unique perspective and perceptions. People respected each other in that wisdom and the bickering we see all around us today was a tiny fraction within tribal units. Only when this wisdom was pushed aside did the imbalance of having to be right and dominating others with one’s personal beliefs infect like a disease.

Shedding light does not necessarily expose “truth”, but rather various perspectives of this physical world, of which none of us really understand enough to claim the “truth” of it.

Truth is a personal philosophy based upon individual agreements generated from unique experience sets – and that may or may not line up with someone else’s beliefs and there is nothing “wrong” about it. Diversity comes in all forms, not just colors of skin and language.


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