Victimhood’s Two Faces

April 10th, 2016 by

The world of the victim surrounds us all. We can see it on every continent and in every walk of life, no matter poor or rich, young or old. This is not to say everyone is a victim, but that victimhood is a part of this world and therefore its energy exists within us all. How is this different than being a victim? The answer is quite simple. Being a victim means that someone plays the role in the game using that energy as their foundation, their driving force along their pathway. Carrying victim energy simply means that as a human being on this earth we all have the potential to play the victim role in the great game of life.

It is important to note that the same goes for playing and carrying the roles of the oppressor and savior. For the game of victimhood to successfully play out and support itself it requires two other players; oppressor and savior. The victim needs to feel victimized by an oppressor. An oppressor needs to oppress a victim energy. The victim needs a savior to step between oppressor and victim to “save them”, but only for a time, because if the savior energy wins and destroys the oppressor the victim can no longer feel like a victim. Many times the savior then falls to becoming a victim of the victim who takes up the oppressor role in order to remain a victim; the savior then becomes the victim.

The triad game is ancient and complex and self supporting so long as everyone plays their roles. But what does being a victim really mean? A victim is either someone who is presently being victimized by another or someone holding victim energy and thus victimizing themselves. The first of the two is a real victim; someone who is being raped, mugged… abused in some way and is not in a position to fight back. They then become a true victim of a true oppressor. Another example would be anyone infected by germs that undermine their health is also a victim. There are many levels of being a true victim, but in essence it is all victim energy.

The second is role playing. Nothing is really being done to them to place them in a true victim role, but they hold an active victim energy and style of life. They embrace extreme low self worth, self pity and thus victimhood and use it as an excuse why they cannot truly live, take care of themselves, claim self responsibility and affect the world in positive aspects.

A true victim can become a survivor and fight back to reclaim their life. These people can learn to embrace the power of the self and extend that into the energy of their life path. They do not settle for excuses. They work to find ways to live, share, create and grow in the world. Some victims have enough strength and natural support to be able to do all that on their own. Other victims require a helping hand to stabilize them as they work to rebuild a suitable life. Neither is better or worse than the other. Both are respectable and honorable.

The victim who is only role playing because they victimize themselves are very different. These people do not try. They find every excuse in the book as to why they cannot surpass victimhood, why they cannot claim personal responsibility for current actions, why they cannot create, expand, help, heal, share in positive manners and affect their fellow humans in uplifting ways. They grovel and wallow, do little more than whine and complain to justify why others should support them, why they need to be lazy flops and be the eyesore of society. The welfare system is flooded with such people and more poor in every year. Obviously not everyone on welfare is a role playing victim. Many people on welfare genuinely need that support. But the stats show every year more and more people who are fully capable are being accepted by the welfare system just so they can continue living their lazy role playing victim lives. Role play victims will blame their family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, government, astral entities and off world beings, and on and on the list goes. They will blame anything they can blame in order to justify their laziness and lack of movement in the world and at the same time expect everyone else to pity them and support them on every front.

Of course many of us can feel like victims and take up victim energy from time to time throughout or lives because we as humans have this energy within us naturally. It is a part of the human emotional range. When we are grieving or sick, injured or depressed we can feel that victim energy rise within us like a dark wave threatening to crush us. It is a natural part of life. Of course is we are abused in some way we also naturally become victims, even if in a small and very temporary way. It is something that cannot be denied. What brands our path as that of a victim or just a role playing victim is how we react to the victim energy within ourselves. Do we seek ways to overcome and move on or do we wallow and sink? Do we actively search for ways to heal or do we just give in and quit looking for the easy way out?

It needs to also be stated that if we play in the game of the victim we support the role playing victim just as much as the savior and oppressor. If we take up any of those roles in that game we support that game of endless drama.

Speaking from personal experience, the only experience I can speak from, I have been a victim through various parts of my life. As a child I was a victim for years but could do little about it since my oppressors were older, smarter and stronger. Many children unfortunate are victims. It is one of those difficult to look at realities of this life. I did not remain a victim but went on to try creating a life of my choosing. Then I fell into victimhood again through government connections. Through this connection I became a victim, oppressor and savior all at the same time. But I was not role playing any of them. I was the embodiment of each through my employment and through a fractured mind was unaware of each part in the game. Even so, outside that employment and in other aspects of my life during those years that game energy bled. Rage, sadness, confusion, domination, etc, etc; these were all emotional bleeds from the game my employment was seated upon.

After leaving that game and fighting to heal, to surpass and move on I was affected by that game’s energy from time to time when oppressors would step into my life. Nevertheless I never used that as an excuse to quit, to give in, to manifest excuses that would prevent me from continuing my path forward. No matter how fast or slow my forward movement has been over the past 10 years, it has been forward and I am always seeking new creative ways to expand, share and truly live. Even though I left that game many years ago I have still been affected from time to time by those energies. During times of physical, emotional or mental weakness those energies in their own percentages have attempted to rise and reclaim parts of my life. Once I would recognize them, through continual self analysis and awareness, I would steal their power and redirect it back into a pathway of my creation and sacred life energy. As years pass this becomes easier and easier and falling into those ancient energies becomes less and less.

We all get wrapped up in that primordial game from time to time in our lives because it is within our genetics. It is OK so long as we work to get back out of it, identify it, admit it and work to move forward with a full heart and aware mind. We are also all surrounded by this huge game since all governments, corporations, military and government agencies, among many other financial and physical power wielding organizations and entities are not only playing the game, but also doing their best to force and keep everyone one in it and playing their appointed parts. BUT, this does not mean we must submit to it. We can continue to self search, expand, heal and grow in very beneficial ways even when those holding the power strings to modern society know nothing but the ancient game of drama through the players of victim, savior and oppressor. We just need to reach deep down inside and embrace our pure strength, our genuine soul and the core connection to that higher aspect of our origins beyond this small physical perspective. Sometimes easier said than done, but if it were always easy, what would we possible learn?

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