Vision Quest 2016 wrap-up

September 24th, 2016 by

Hello Wolf’s Den!

I just wanted to let you all know that the last of this year’s Vision Questers have emerged from the wilderness from their final stage of the physical aspects of the sacred Quest Journey. The ending ceremonies were performed this morning, Saturday, at dawn.

This journey for them began in early April of this year with the original meeting and commitment stages. From there they embarked upon an ancient path within the traditions of an old personally spiritual journey that would take them through evenly spaced Tasks. These traditional Tasks, each offering new levels of personal insight and readiness, led them through spring and summer to their final physical partaking of the Vision Quest; the Circle. Each person chose at the start how many days and nights they would commit to in that final stage. The longest this time was a commitment of 5 days and 5 nights alone in the Circle as they sought vision.

Within one full moon we will hold a feast in celebration.

I know there have been a few people already voicing their interest in possibly partaking in the Vision Quest next year. If you are curious or interested in journeying on your own Vision Quest next year, feel free to call snail-mail or email me. The first meeting to get folks started and aligned with the Quest path will take place next March or early April. But due to the sheer time investment on my part means there is a limited amount of people that I am able to mentor through the traditional Vision Quest each year. So if you are seriously interested, please let me know so I can pencil you in to the limited spots.


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