We Are Not Alone Inside

November 9th, 2016 by

As a human being we are taught to think we are our bodies and our bodies are we as individuals. However, like I have been saying, we are not our bodies. Sure part of us is the body, but the body is just a vehicle and we are far from the only ones traveling and living inside it!

Recent reports show that the average human adult body averages a 1.3:1 ratio of human cells to bacteria. The average male contains about 30 trillion cells in the body and about 40 trillion bacteria, mostly in the digestive tract and mostly in the colon. Of course there are many people with “diseases” that contain far greater numbers of microbiota (other life forms inhabiting our bodies) in their bodies and spread out beyond the digestive tract. Parasites of all kinds can inhabit every organ, including the human brain. Weakness in the immune system and lower digestive system can allow gut bacteria to elevate and travel to inhabit many other locations of the human body outside the bowels.

Science tells us that viruses far outnumber the amount of bacteria our bodies contain, which would elevate the number ratio of microbiota to human cells also.

Outside the body and on the skin also live vast amounts of microbiota. Microbiologists at major universities tell us there can be around 8,000 different species of bacteria alone on our tongues and over 2,000 living around our elbows! Just ponder how many are living under your arms, between your toes and on your feet; between your legs, in your ears and eyes and everywhere else on your skin. We all have mites living in the roots of our eyelashes. Many of these microbiota are keeping us alive by eating harmful ones. There is a constant war happening inside and on our bodies by life forms most of us never see or even think about. No crazy mind patterns are causing this fight for survival to happen in us and on us. This is just life.

Microbes are literally the kings and queens of our planet; not lion nor tiger, whale nor man, but the smallest forms of life imaginable. They create and destroy life every second of every day and night. We are all subject to them no matter beliefs, lifestyle, skills and talents; microbes make the world go round you might say.

All of this further supports my saying that we are not our bodies and our bodies are not us. Our human bodies are homes to around as many species of life forms as there are cells that make up the body. When you look in the mirror you see “you”, but really all you are seeing physically is an ecosystem supporting vast numbers of species of life of which your eyes are not even powerful enough to see. And without many of them, you could not physically exist here. When most people think of health or healing they think of themselves and the health of their body, but to truly understand health and healing we need to take into account everyone else living inside and on the body we see in the mirror.

Our bodies inside and out are a wilderness unto themselves. Our bodies are like a planet which upon and within an entire world of life exists. When we shake hands just imagine two planets reaching out and touching just long enough for thousands of species to jump from one to the other! Have you ever given thanks to the little mites that eat shed skin on your face and even strep bacteria so those nasty buggers do not multiply and kill you? Perhaps you do not need to, but the awareness of what I have written could help you see life and yourself in a different light, or not. But the fact is that we are not alone inside these human forms, not in the least.

And it is important to remember, anytime we have an imbalance of these microbes, whether fungus, bacteria or virus, they are not the cause of our illness or condition, they are a result of it. They multiply through the bodies response to a build-up of toxins that are not being properly dealt with. When we look to nature, the microbial kingdom is the clean-up crew.


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