Weather Swinging

March 3rd, 2017 by

Two weeks ago we got 3 feet of snow up here in the Vermont Mountains. Then within three days it turned so warm all that powder transformed to cement. Four days later the temps were breaking records and topping off around 60°F with continual high winds. Those high temps and wind with mixtures of sun and torrential rain storms remained for about five days, melting all the snow on the ground. Only old ice flats remained in low damp areas.

The last two days the temps dropped back into the 20°F range, with remaining winds. Tonight we bottom out at 0°F with winds and snow. Tomorrow we are to get 40mph winds with negative 30°F temperatures and by next Tuesday back up to 50°F.

Is it just me or do these swings seem so severe it’s difficult to even logically think or even talk about? Obviously this is not anywhere near “normal”, “regular” or even predictable weather and in all my life I have never seen anything quite as dramatic and ongoing in the form of weather patterns. Nevertheless these insane patterns appear to be coming the new “normal” and that is a rather disturbing thought. It does not take a genius to see how unhealthy this is for all the forms of life throughout the environments.

Here in America the government claims they do not participate in weather manipulation. However, in China they are so proud of it they flaunt their cloud seeding on front page news every time they so it. I know people over there that have shown me the articles.

Just out of curiosity what is the old sky doing in your neck of the woods? Please share because we rarely hear the facts of the weather on the global weather reports.


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