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August 24th, 2015 by

Greetings Wolf’s Den

This is a simple update post for you all on this August Monday.

The Rite of the Medicine Wheel and Medicine Wheel Inner Pathways that were both taught this passed weekend went exceptionally well. The weather was sunny and mild in the forest, the biting insects were nothing to speak of and the wilderness area was empty of people beyond our group. We had some familiar smiling faces and some news ones as well. Two intensive days of highly interactive work seemed fulfilling to everyone who participated. It is truly a set of classed I have always looked forward to teaching and this passed weekend was no exception. So thanks to all who made it possible 🙂

I have two hikes coming up in September so far. The first will be on the 15th and will trek up the famous Camels Hump mountain along the Long Range in the Green Mountains. It is quite a landmark picturesque peak jutting up 4,083 feet into the pristine Vermont sky. It is the states highest undeveloped mountain. and one that contains a true alpine section at its summit.

The second hike will take place on the 18th and we will be hiking up passed Mt Horrid’s Great Cliff to summit Mt Horrid and beyond to Cape Lookoff Mountain for some truly stunning views all along the way.

If you are interested in either hike, please email me at info@elementmountain.com for details 🙂

The last thing here on my short list is a bit of a relief spot of news. Near the end of last week I received word from “Kira” stating she had found a rather secure location again. Later in the communication she said she would like to return to the Wolf’s Den as her time allows. She did say her Internet access is spotty where she is currently residing, so availability will be rather unpredictable. With that said, it is pleasing news and I am happy to hear she has found a place of retaliative safety, enough so that she is able to even reach out again to everyone here in the Wolf’s Den.

I am recovering some energy after the weekend’s teaching and will get back to posting articles very soon for you all 🙂


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