Where are our Finnish Folk Today?

May 10th, 2017 by

The Wolf’s Den had two contributors from Finland a while back, whose work remains in the Den today. We have not seen any recent postings from them in quite a while and you might wonder why. I thought I would create this short post passing along some of their creative ongoing efforts to the world.

Sami who was contributing the Graphic Novel art here in the Den is a professional choreographer and dancer in Finland. He is known throughout his country and as I understand is doing far more dance choreography than actual stage dancing today.

This keeps him quite busy, which is one reason he no longer has much time to contribute his graphic novel work here.

On this Youtube page you will find a handful of performance clips that he choreographed and I think filmed as well.

Finland Shows

This short clip is of a freelance piece he did some years back. That is him doing the dance.



Karl was another one of our Finnish contributors and in Finland he is a famous Hip-Hop Rapper with the stage name of Jontti. Well known in Finland he has been putting out albums for quite a few years. He has recently released his latest album, just last week, of which the following is a music video of one of its songs. Yes that is him in the video.

Jontti’s newest video

Since he has been producing music for many years he has quite a few music videos. If you are interested you can find them in the following link: (yes they are all in Finnish)

Jontti Videos

He has also been going to college over the last 4 years and so has been very busy, which is why he also has not been able to contribute in the Wolf’s Den.

That’s about it. I just thought I would share what our Finnish folk are up to and hope that you find something interesting in the artistic work they are doing.


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