White Wolf & Christine Joanna Hart Interview

May 7th, 2016 by

Here is the link to the 2 hour radio show that took place 5/5/16 on the London based Christine Joanna Hart Show.

In her brief description blurb under the video in Youtube she states: “Christine J Hart on the Queen of Harts Show on freedomslips.com @ Revolution Radio. Guest White Wolf Von Atzigen CIA Special Black Ops Assassin. After undergoing mind control as part of a Lilith cult. Saying that Lilith was leader of the greys with an aim to repopulate the earth.”

I am not sure where she got that wording or the part about the “greys”, because I did not mention anything about reptilians or greys anywhere on the show. More words being placed in my mouth… but perhaps she just misunderstood. Nevertheless, do not let her wording throw you. 😉


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