Who Farted!

August 10th, 2015 by

The average human expels about a pint of gas each and every 24 hour period throughout their lives. The gas is either from swallowed air or fermentation of undigested foods.

With all foods we eat and all liquids we drink we end up swallowing air with each swallow. We also swallow air every time we swallow our own saliva. With all of the swallowing we do each day we consume a decent amount of air. Even chewing gum forces people to swallow more air then if they were drinking water.

If you drink carbonated drinks, even natural ones like kombucha, you are swallowing much more air than if you drink water. A good deal of the air we swallow while consuming foods, drink and through the simple act of swallowing saliva gets expelled back out the mouth through the act of burping. However, some of this air does not rise and gets trapped in the digestive tract to travel downward. Eventually this air gets expelled as gas from the colon.

Typically the air we swallow comes back out with a very mild scent. If you drank kombucha the day before and the next morning you have a bit of low scent gas, this could be considered fairly normal. You cannot burp all the air out when drinking carbonation. You could expel gas and nobody would know.

That foul and nasty smelling gas comes from something all together different. Undigested food in your digestive tract ferments before it is expelled out through the colon. This fermentation process (rotting process) creates noxious fumes, much like a compose pile or trashcan filled with food trash. When this is vented from the intestines there is no mistaking someone broke wind!

If we are expelling large amounts of noxious gas we need to analyze just what the heck we are eating, because the gas is a telltale sign that we are not digesting what we are eating. This creates too much fermentation in our digestive tract which in time can lead to diseases, loss of energy, bloating, weak organs and all manner of unpleasantries.

I also mentioned in my Spleen Health article that if the spleen energy is weak it can lead to flatulence. The reason for this is that if the spleen energy is weak the spleen itself cannot properly partake in its digestive duties. In return the food energy the spleen is supposed to be digesting goes undigested and ferments instead. Yes many of the foods people eat actually weaken spleen energy because they are very hard on the spleen. Therefore eating the wrong types of food for your body can in-turn weaken the spleen, which then weakens the whole digestive system. Undigested food ferments and gasses are built. Bloating occurs and very smelly gas is expelled from the intestines.

So if you experience bloating, abdominal discomfort, tiredness or cramping after eating and noxious gas, you are eating something you should not be eating because you do not have the proper digestive enzymes to properly digest that food. If you are eating foods good for your body, which also means foods your body can completely digest, you should have nothing more than mild gas with hardly any smell to it.

So yes, the type, amount and smell of your gas can tell you what state your digestive system is in and if you are in-fact consuming the proper diet for your body.


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