Who Made Your Body

November 28th, 2016 by

Who made your physical body? Well many people say many different things when asked that question. There are folks who feel their god made their body and gave it to them. Other people think that they were made by aliens. Yet other folk think they made their own body and chose it, every aspect of it. Some people feel nobody made their body, it just sort of materialized.

Personally I feel it is our ancestors who actually made our physical bodies. Each of us is made up of a unique and intricate combination of genetics and energies that our ancestors possessed. These genetics and energies passed down the line from parent to child on through generations and tens of thousands of years of time. What our personal energy comes into in this physical life from non-physical existence are manifestations of our ancestral line.

When I say “ancestors” I am certainly talking about the ancestral lines all the way back through time and space, not limited to modern human existence. But who truly can say with any certainty where that line really goes? Beyond traceable records and DNA testing, it is all speculation through our limited knowledge of biology itself.

I believe once we enter these ancestral made bodies we have choices to upgrade, remain neutral and otherwise change these bodies in ways that “personalize” them further. Of course I do not feel we have full control of these physical bodies and what becomes of them. After all, every physical body gives up the ghost eventually, none last forever. Anyone who lives a long life must age and the body breaks down. We cannot control the inevitability of that process.

What I feel we can control, to a point, if how we treat our bodies; what we consume, where we live (environmental) what activities we partake in and so on. But even so, everyone falls ill from time to time, receives and endures injury and other stresses and breakdowns of the physical body, no matter what your mind set is doing. It is life and nobody is exempt from it once we enter it.

As I have said before, we only control some of our bodies and can only make some “upgrades”. Life will always take its dues and exact its toll on all our bodies and there is little we can do to control those events. I see it like cars. Certain models of cars come off the production line (our ancestors). They are all very similar, but we all know full well that each car has its unique quirks no matter what the exteriors look like. We go out and buy our car (enter life). From there we can upgrade or downgrade that car as we see fit and of course as we can afford. Even we if we got the same car as someone else, ours could be a lemon, or theirs could and the owner of the lemon car will spend lots of time, energy and resources to try keeping it running.

No matter how much we invest into our cars the environment and the world will exact its toll at various rates. If you live in a warm dry climate the maintenance will be far less than someone driving in a cold wet climate. The environment (life itself), the road conditions (path we walk), our access to proper funds to make upgrades and repairs (resources), the availability of people who know how to work on the cars (healthcare practitioners) and our own knowledge of how to properly car for the car all play a part in the quality and length of “life” the car has. Our bodies are no different.

We drive our cars and we may financially own them, but our cars are not us. Our bodies are not us either. We simply drive through life inside the body we were given by our ancestors and life itself. High quality, low quality, prone to long life spans or short ones, our bodies are just biological vehicles we travel the physical world in.

I see it rather like a play and the actors and actresses. They enter a play and study the part to act. They study how their character interacts with the other characters in the play. When they are in the play they become that character and everything about the play becomes their reality. But their character is not really them as a whole, it is just a part for them to play and experience in the limited confines of the play. Once the play is over, they go back to being who they truly are in the greater expanse of the world outside the small play. Only the ego thinks the body is the person because the ego is like the VIN number that comes embedded in the car. But when we enter the car we do not become the VIN number or the car; we just drive it and maintain it as best we can with what we have available to us.

I could probably write more on this but I have not the energy to do so today. Therefore I will leave those pondering thoughts as they are.


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