Wifi the in-house Spy

August 26th, 2016 by

I have been telling people since Wifi first started coming out how terrible it was and how it would be used against people as time progressed. Any technology that explodes out of the gate and can enter and flood any city, town, business and personal home is bad news. Most people I know today have a wifi router in their home. Insanity. I have stopped telling people that I know (except here in the Wolf’s Den, because nobody cares) how non-beneficial the wifi routers are and how much damage they can do placed inside the home. It is bad enough people have to work by them in offices, but to come home an immerse yourself in the wifi waves as well?? Its not much different than smoking, which was outlawed in work places some years back and for good reason. Now we have the wifi waves lurking around.

Some of you may be asking how bad wifi actually is. Well it just so happens I have a link, which contains a few other good study links, so you can read for yourself.

Wifi Routers

Of course that linked article does not address the actual health concerns of wifi. I think it was 5 or 6 years ago reports came out in Europe stating the wifi was killing trees and some areas of the remaining forests. If it kills trees what do you think it can do to the human body and bodies of animals? Yet people demand it for their conveniences with no regard for their health. Convenience over health – yep, that about sums up the modern world of people!

Now my question of course is how many of you want one of those spy demons in your home? How about the office place, doctors offices and hospitals, post office, schools, food stores and beyond? Yet another way to invisibly remove our privacy, invade our homes, bag and tag everything we do and harm us in the process. All run by nothing more than cowardly bastards! I have nothing that require wifi and I refuse to ever own anything that needs it. There will never be a wifi router in my home!


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