Winter to Spring weakest time in the North

March 28th, 2017 by

March, early spring is typically the weakest and most unhealthy time of the year for most life in the North Country. After a long winter season the bodies of most animals, including humans are in the weakest state of the entire year. It is because of this fact that in the wilderness this time of year is well known for death.

We in the North have not seen quality sun, its energy and vitamin D properties since late September of last year. This seriously takes a toll on the body even when taking vitamins and supplements. The energy we get from the sun is far superior to anything we can get to mimic it in a pill or liquid. Though the light is returning, it remains too cold and the sun too far south to make much of an impact on your health yet.

When people get sick in winter or autumn the internal energy of the body weakens. If they do not allow themselves proper downtime to heal, which seems to encompass most people, the body never fully recovers and remains in a weakened state. Obviously this leaves the person susceptible to falling ill again and more easily than the last time. The more illnesses a person falls to during autumn and winter, yes even the common cold, the weaker their internal energy becomes throughout the winter months and into early spring when the seasons are shifting. This is why so many people get sick this time of year, because the body is so weak from the last two seasons.

Even our food is depleted in winter. The animal meat contains less because they too are under stress. The vegetables and grains are either leftover from last year and depleted of nutrients or are forced to grow in artificial conditions lacking real sun energy. Or they are harvested unripe from another country and sprayed to “ripen” upon arrival with chemicals. Yes supplements are vital to health and certainly help, but they are not near as powerful in vitality as real food and real element energy.

Animals living in the North Country also have it difficult through autumn and winter and many fall ill and die this time of year because of their weakened state. Many more tend to die this time of year than any other. Some, like the Raven instinctively knows this and capitalize upon it.

Ravens monitor their domain and watch the animals closely. They pay attention to weather patterns as well. After all the raven is one of the most intelligent of all birds. Ravens plan their nesting time and chick bearing time when there are more animal deaths available. Their chicks require red meat to properly develop. They cannot be fed insects and berries like many birds. They need solid meat or they die. The raven mating pair plan when to start building their nest as to how much food they see available from late winter deaths. The intent is to hatch their chicks at the most optimal time when food is most plentiful, when animals like deer are dying from weakness.

If they are seasoned and have planned optimally, their nest of hungry chicks will be born when there is plenty of downed meat available for their parents to harvest. If they are not well seasoned, if they are unlucky or for whatever reason mis-plan, the percentage of their chicks starving to death skyrockets.

Take it easy, stay covered, stay warm, rest when you are able and if it does not seem like enough then make the time to rest more. Yes March 20th marked the start of spring, but our bodies understand it is still very much winter and they are in the weakest internal condition of all year. Expose the body and try dredging up and using that core energy too soon and you will dramatically increase you risk of illness to finish off your winter season and start your spring. The Ravens understand, and seemingly far better than most people today!


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