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December 23rd, 2015 by

Greetings Wolf’s Den,

Some of you know this but most do not. I know many of you may have some questions with a few things I and others have briefly mentioned over the last week, so I decided to post some details in hopes of answering some of your questions. I was not going to bother you all with details, but it seems quite a few of you are interested, so here ya go.

First of all Happy Winter Solstice! Yes yesterday was the official Winter Solstice and the start of winter. Of course it is 47 degrees here with steady rain, but winter it is. The celebration of light, the sun, fire and life. I hope it is wonderful for all of you.

Also the full Human Emotion series has posted here in the Wolf’s Den, as well as the 5th part of the Manetuwak series. Hopefully you will gain something interesting from it.


I went in for surgery on Monday the 14th. It was outpatient but I was there for 5 hours. I was expecting a lightweight recovery from an easy surgery. Turns out I was seriously deluded in those ideas. So was Paula.

Once in and working on fixing the issue the surgeon found damaged nerves from old trauma that were basically ruined and the cause of constant swelling and localized pain. He had to cut, stretch and tie-off the nerves, fascia, veins and arteries. This turned a simple fix into a rather involved nerve, fascia and artery surgery. I was sent home grogged out, bandaged up with a tube stuck into my body that automatically administered local anesthetic to keep the surgery site number down for a couple days. Even so I spent the second half of Monday night shivering uncontrollably from the pain. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent sitting around eating basically liquids and pain meds. I had to double up on pain meds last Wednesday because the pain was so intense and ongoing. It helped but wow does that put your head in some weird kind of happy world for a while!

I of course figured I would not need any pain meds because with all my injuries and trauma in the past I always did without. Not so with this one!

Wednesday afternoon last week I had to remove the cover bandages myself and pull out the “pain buster ball” tube. That was obnoxious. It took me forever with all the breaks I had to take while trying to get on top of the pain between removing small sections and slowly pulling out that damn tube. They did not tell me the fucking tube was 4 inches long inside my body and hurt like hell to pull out! It took me a good hour or more to remove it. That ordeal killed me for the rest of the day.

The end of last week was basically spent sitting, sleeping and trying to eat some real food, sleeping and more sleeping. I was pathetically weak and exhausted. I did not even have the strength to push myself into a sitting position from lying down with my own arms. Standing up and taking a few steps with a cane was as exhausting as running up a mountain for me. The pain subsided some. The surgery ordeal combined with the three days of intense pain has wasted me. I am sure because of the adrenal fatigue it just made matters worse. But I was postponing this for years. I knew eventually it would have to be done and no amount of natural therapies fixed it, so I made the decision to get it done because it was starting to get more problematic.

It was a crazy painful week to say the least. Pain is still with me but it is far less than it was and that means progress. Still the thought of sneezing, coughing, laughing or bumping into anything is terrifying… sleeping is also a daunting task and during the long nights I find that I do not so much sleeping since the pain level is still far too high. But I nap a lot during the day in our lazy boy chair to make up for it. My energy and body are still exhausted, but my mood is improving… well I guess it depends on what time of day or night we are talking about 😉

Without being able to move around much or stretch the rest of my body has turned into one big pain knot and my tendons feel like iron. Soaking in a hot bath or even sitting in the infrared sauna is out. Infrared induces bleeding and a bath… well obviously that would soften and remove all the stitches for me… a little too soon. Ouch.

It will take a while yet before I will be able to say I am healed and can move and function normally. But it is the start of winter so I have plenty of time to recover… 🙂

Yesterday was the first post op session. All looks good and I was told the amount of pain and swelling was expected from what they had to do. I wish they would have informed me of that to begin with!!! They said the pain could linger on for a while yet and the swelling ridge could last 6-12 month before disappearing. No driving yet and only light activity allowed.

The exhaustion from it has caught up to me. I just feel exhausted and run down all the time now. Oh well, par for the course. Rest and heal and rest and heal in this balmy, damp, dark and gray weather. Not even a hint of winter. I talked to someone I know in Colorado they said they got 16 inches of snow earlier last week and the next couple of days they are to get over 3 feet of new snow. Somebody is getting winter I guess! Even if we had snow I would still be house bound and it would just create more work for Paula, so I guess it all works out.

My huge exploits of yesterday… riding in the car to the docs office and walking through the food store for half an hour (yea, not much) left me exhausted and in a heightened level of pain last night and today, so I will leave it at that.

Consider yourselves updated. Thanks for all the help I have been getting from some of you folks in the managing of the website!

That is it, I am done. Time to crash.


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