Wrath Poem

May 5th, 2017 by

This one may be hard to stomach for some of you, so be forewarned. This is a depiction of raw, honest and straight-forward emotional wrath. Wrath is what it is, like joy or sadness, wrath is just an emotion, a part of the human experience. Most people are afraid of wrath, like rage and so try to avoid its reality. Many may never experience it. Others feel it often. Just because we are all exposed to and a part of a wide range of emotional states in this world does not mean we all experience them equally in quality or quantity.

Nevertheless, wrath is very real and because it exists as an emotional state of the human existence if affects everyone whether you personally experience it often or not. Again, this little series is to expose raw emotion as it is, without judgment, but for the simple truth of the emotional state itself.


Put that son-a-bitch down,

put his hide into the ground!

Fuck his soul

and rape his wife,

gut his children with my knife!

Burn his house and

take command,

erase his memory

from the land!

My ways are righteous,

they are grand

if ya don’t agree

you’re just like them

I’ll get my gun and kill again!

Crush society

with iron fist,

all its lies

just a pile of shit!

Acid boils through heart stained

mind ripped asunder

annihilation game;

slave and master everywhere

suckin on a gun

without a care,

gonna die the same

no matter where!

My wraths for you

make no mistake,

its comin down until you break!

Where does this take you in your mind and body? Where do you feel it inside and how?

Next up – Courage


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