X-ray cover-up

July 10th, 2012 by

You head to the hospital or doctors office to get x-rays for whatever reason. Your doctor gives the go ahead and sends you to radiology where the receptionist asks you to fill in the forms and gets you checked in. Then you are asked to change clothes if needs be into a flimsy cotton hospital gown and wait for the radiologist to come and get you.

After your x-rays are finished you leave and then return to your doctor so they can review the results with you. Now what happens if you get x-rays back that look like this? (see below)

Well you might do what I did; ask questions. Especially if the doctor didn’t mention the odd looking objects in the x-ray that clearly are not a part of your body. If you have a doctor(s) like I had they will skim the topic and divert the question. After playing the cat and mouse Q&A game for a while you point blank ask them again, “What are those objects in my x-rays?”

The answer each doctor gave me was simply that “They look like surgery clips that are very common.” Hummm, so I asked what Surgery Clips are and the replies were that they are clips used to clip off areas of the inner body during surgeries. Now that is all very interesting but certainly didn’t fly with me. For one, I don’t have any record of any such surgeries, nor do I have any surgery scars in those locations. Of course the doctors didn’t comment and diverted from the subject again, moving to the showing of slight arthritis, etc.

Moving on I brought my x-rays to another specialist whom I trusted. Two different ones as a matter of fact. They just happened to have a friend who was a radiologist of many years. Both of them. These specialists were kind enough to ask their friends to view the x-rays off the clock and report back on their observations. The deal was that my name be withheld and that I also would not know their names or hospital locations- obvious legal reasons.

Many weeks passed before I heard anything back. The report from the first radiologist was that he had never seen anything like these x-rays in his entire career. Interesting because my doctors all told me that such things were “very common” and yet a radiologist of many long years had never seen them before.

The second report came back almost two months later and stated this- I’ve seen odd devices inside servicemen and government agency personnel before. I can’t say that these look identical to those I’ve seen, but they certainly shouldn’t be there. Not natural. Most today are much smaller. I would pretend your client never found out about them. It’s best to turn the eye when it comes to such things.”

Both statements are very interesting. One says that such things have never been seen by him when doctors told me they are “very common”… and the second one gave an admission that such implants exists but that nobody should go looking any deeper into their reality!

Have you ever had x-rays showing anything like this? Someday you might and if you do be prepared for this game that the mainstream medical field plays and plays well. They know full well that our government and military low jacks people but are told to keep their mouths shut… enough said.

If you are going in for x-rays or CAT scans make sure to keep yourself physically protected from their dangerous affect. This article I wrote a while back clearly lays out techniques to do before, during and after such procedures. X-ray and CAT Scan Saftey








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