X-Ray/CAT scan Safety

April 4th, 2012 by

On occasion it becomes beneficial to get x-ray images of certain areas of the body for health and well being reasons. Even though x-rays can be useful, they can also be dangerous over time. The simple reason is because they work by sending radiation into your body. Now it’s true that the amount of radiation for one normal x-ray is quite low, multiple x-rays however can become an issue.

Just look at what they lay over your chest when taking a simple dental x-ray. The dental x-ray is aimed directly at your teeth and the camera is quite close to your cheek when activated, yet they lay this think lead vest over your chest and sometimes all the way down to your groin area. Interestingly enough when they take neck x-rays when you are standing up they give you a lead panel to place over your groin to protect it from the radiation, however when they do lower body x-rays of the lower spine, pelvis and even bone length x-rays of the legs they give you no such “protection”. They just aim and shoot. Your genitalia show up on the x-rays which obviously means they were hit with the radiation. This over course is the same radiation that they were protecting your groin from while x-raying your neck or teeth… Kind of odd don’t you think?

Let’s take the CAT scan into account as well. They slide you into this wide tube and beam you with high levels of radiation. The difference between the normal x-ray and a CAT scan is the sheer amount of radiation. It is said that the body gets hit with between 100-200 times the amounts of radiation over that of a regular x-ray image! I don’t know about you, but to me that seems like a very non-beneficial dose of cell killing rays. Some folks that I know have had numerous CAT scans in their lives. Just imagine the cell trauma from having just one CAT scan, let alone many. Even if you do not get a CAT scan but have to get numerous x-rays you still get a fair dose of radiation.

No matter how you look at it these tests can sometimes be necessary for health reasons, but the fact is that your body is getting nailed with the poisons of radiation during the testing. There are some things you can take and do to help the body stay protected from this “medical” radiation.

Before the testing you want to try taking Acetyl L-Carnitine with Alpha-Lipoic Acid made by Bronson Laboratories twice a day for a good two weeks. This is a powerful antioxidant which promotes cellular growth and health. You also want to take the following for a week before your tests:

  • Liquid Chlorophyll————–100 mg
  • Spirulina————————–3,000 mg
  • Vitamin C————————-3,000 mg

The chlorophyll and spirulina help to support immune function as well as flush toxins out of the body. Of course they do far more than just that but this article is simply focused on radiation. The vitamin C also helps to support the immune system and tissue health of the body.

Flush and surround yourself in violet during the tests.

After you get the x-rays or CAT scans you want to continue taking the above doses of all that I have mentioned. You want to continue taking it all for a good two week post testing. Personally I take all of that on an ongoing basis. However, if you don’t you should shoot for the time frames above.

For five days after the testing you also want to take the following once every other day. It binds to the radiation and helps to flush it out of the body.

  • Iodoral (iodine/potassium iodide supplement)——-12.5 mg

Take the following daily for at least two weeks. If you have cancerous tumors or irritable bowel syndrome you should take this ongoing until all signs are gone.

  • Peppermint– take the peppermint oil capsules for best results

Make sure to drink distilled water only for a two week period which flushes out all toxins. Take sea salt baths once a day for a week to also draw out toxins from your tissues. (1 cup sea salt to one bath) If you know color therapy or have my color awareness cds you can work with it as well to assist the body.

Those are some of the most important things you can do to stay safe from the radiation levels from the medical tests. Unfortunately most people today have poor diets and lifestyle qualities. Combine this with the increasing usage of CAT scans and other radiation medical tests used in western healthcare facilities and you might begin to see how a large cancer epidemic is on the horizon. By using the above products and practices you can help your body stay safe from such testing and heal quickly from them if necessary. Of course the western medical practice will tell you that none of their tests are dangerous and that you don’t need to do anything but show up…but I know full well that you are smarter than that 🙂


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