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For most of you I would guess this might be rather a moot inquiry, but nevertheless you can never really tell unless you ask, and even then it may not be fully known.

Under the Patriot Privacy Act, you as citizens are legally able to inquire for records on you being held by agencies like the NSA, DIA, CIA, FBI, DSS, CID, USSS and USMS. The inquiry is free to you and completely lawful. All that is necessary are a few basic and quick forms filled in with basic bare essential information mailed into the proper agency address that handles agency library files. Of course IF there is a file on you by an agency the file must be of a non-classified nature to be legally disclosed to you. If the file is of a classified nature the agency will deny you access to it.

The website is the best place to find the basic and standard legal form for petitioning agencies for your files. Get My Files

It is your right as a citizen of the United States to petition for your files, should there be any. One form can be filled out and the website will automatically generate a request form addressed to whatever agencies you check off. Then it is as simple as addressing an envelope to the proper supplied address and mailing in your form.

You cannot inquire about anyone but yourself, unless the person in question is deceased. If the petitioned agency has a file on you that is not classified they must legally mail you a copy. If they do not have any files on you they will mail you a letter stating that no records have been found under the information you supplied. If you get a letter back stating there is not record on you and you feel there is, you can solicit them again with another letter asking for cross-referencing. All of this is explained clearly on the follow-up website: Failed Search

Should you do it? Well it is completely up to you. Can I speak from personal experience? Yes I can because I enacted this section of the Patriot Privacy Act before.

So just in case you have ever wondered if they had any files on you, there is a legal way to inquire and possibly find out. The choice is yours.

Here are private and secure links to an example document. Note the black outlines sections for wording. Wording such as “openly recognized agency affiliate” and ” a classified connection, such as yours”, and also the wording stating ” can neither confirm of deny”. If there is nothing there than why not just deny rather than say ” can neither confirm or deny”? So through the wording you will read they clearly state the existence of, while at the same time trying to deny.

If you file with this Act and receive a letter back, make sure you read the fancy wording carefully before accepting or deciding to try appealing.

See file here

Second File

Third File

Fourth File

Please respect the privacy of the privately linked documents.


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