November 3, 2012

I doubt I ever met a person who does not have dirt somewhere in their past or present. In my experience I have come to find that in every person’s life, no matter how picturesque it may seem there is something not so pleasant in the past. Alcohol, drugs, stealing, lies, violence, willful manipulation, killing, exploitation of others ignorance or weakness, malicious thoughts, harmful acts to the earth, yourself, family, friends and on and on the list of possibilities go.

We have all lived before and still in simultaneous lives and have come to this earthwalk with imbalances. We have all dealt in dirt within the context of our lives as we know them. None of us are innocent of self betrayal and falling to the ego and the weakness of the great illusion. Anyone who thinks and claims they do not come from the same stock of imbalance is lying to themselves and all life. We are guilty of dirt.

That to me is not the question- innocent or not. To me the real question is what are people doing with that dirt. I find that most people are trying to hide it out of shame, fear, guilt and other core issues born of weakness. Some are holding onto it dearly and carrying it ever onward because it is familiar. If we look to the earth and the environments where dirt exists we can clearly see that soil left in the dark quickly becomes stale and musty. The only thing that can grow in stale musty soil is mould. The must becomes so strong that nothing can easily breathe around it. The mould infects the living and grows secretly inside where it literally sucks the life out of the being and gives rise to diseases. This is what happens when we fear the dirt of our past and maybe even present. This is what becomes of the energy hidden away inside breading guilt, fear, anger, depression, hate…

For dirt to become something useful to the living it must be exposed to the sun, water and freshness of air. This doesn’t mean that everyone must display publicly their dirt. It means that we as individuals must truthfully acknowledge our imbalances and the dirt of our lives. We cannot lie in the mirror and in the faces of others and pretend to be innocent. We cannot successfully stow away our dirt on some far bound destined ship and hope to never be affected by it again. If we try to hide one day we realize that we hide in the dark with everything we seek to escape. We cannot hide from any part of that which is us. It is our dirt and it does affect us completely.

The question is how do you deal with your own dirt? Personally I saw a long time ago that dirt is a nursery for all life if it is given the air to breathe, the sun to thaw and the waters to feel and expand. When we release our past, or dirt to life with the intent to bring about and attain balance we free ourselves from the bondage we helped create. Only then can it accept a seed. Only then does it gain the potential to grow something beneficial in life, something that can grow and touch all the world in beauty. That dirt is the past and our experiences. Pleasant or not they are the very energies that helped make us who we are and show us the path of our potentials. For every act of imbalance there is an equal act of balance. But as we know, like attracts like and so imbalanced acts attract imbalanced acts so the balanced acts occur elsewhere where they also attract other acts of balance.

I knew the dirt from my past would destroy me if I left them hidden and collecting must. Contained they were death in a bottle waiting to be consumed. As atrocious as they were and as severely imbalanced as each one was I knew they must be released in order to be neutralized and transformed into something beneficial. So it has been that I choose to expose the dirt to the world and fill them with lessons I have learned from each atrocity. I knew that to live such dirt and not allow those experiences to help me grow, to evolve into higher states of being and change the course of my sacred path so that I may help life heal was a waste of living. I embraced this hard truth and took the courage necessary to let the world see that I have not been, nor am perfect. But I do my very best at this time to attain a state of balance so that the darkness I have lived and walked was not taken in vain and the lives I took were not taken for nothing. I could wallow in lament but it would serve no greater purpose than to feed a weakness that needs to be healed. So I have worked diligently for many years to attain an understanding and even a reckoning for all have done and been through. This has and continues to give me perspective and hope that I may assist the world in my own way, through a vision I hold sacred unto my purpose in this life.

Some of the best producing gardens are filled with crap! But this only yields beneficial life if the crap is refined with age, attention, proper exposure to sun, water and air. The garden also must be tended with care and attention for it to produce quality life. The crap of the past can feed the world if properly worked. If you need help with this process within the garden of your mind you might want to check out our Eagle Mind dvd set. A full three day course placed on 10 full length dvds available for you to learn in the comfort of your own home. Eagle Mind 2 is coming in the winter of 2013!


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