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August 13th, 2012 by

How is your health? How about your circulation, your immune system, your digestion and your hormonal balance? Its all tied together in one elaborate and amazing web within the many layers of the body known as the Lymphatic System.

You may have heard the term, “You are only as young as your spine.” Well the same is true with your health and your lymphatic system. They are tied together intimately. We have the superficial vessels and the deep vessels of lymph within our bodies. What does this system do in our bodies? The lymph system is responsible for maintaining healthy and balanced fluid levels. Our own bodies loose lots of water within itself daily. On average between 2 and 4 liters of water is lost from our capillaries each day! That’s a whole lot of water loss from our bloodstream. The lymph system gathers this lost fluid via the vast web network of lymph vessels. Then it pumps this fluid through the many lymph nodes or glands throughout the body. The nodes or glands are filters. Each of the many nodes are packed with potent white blood cells which kill pathogens and foreign things not meant to be within our bodies fluid system before dumping the fluid back into our blood system.

The spleen is the largest concentration of lymph tissues within the human body. The spleen is also a huge blood filter. The health of the spleen also goes hand in hand with the health of the lymphatic system and visa versa. The spleen is not the only lymph “organ”. The thymus, nodes and bone marrow also fall into this category.

Sluggish lymph fluid can cause a backup of toxins in the blood system of the body. This in turn can create clogged lymph nodes and vessels. The body becomes toxic and illness or disease occurs. We have between 600 and 700 lymph nodes within our bodies! If they begin to clog up and the lymph system stops functioning properly it’s pretty easy to see how we can fall to illness quickly. A healthy lymph system also helps the body fight any infections, as infections are obviously caused by a buildup of toxins somewhere in the body.

Regular movement, exercise and proper hydration all promote a healthy lymphatic system. A sedentary lifestyle and continual states of dehydration are some of the main causes for unhealthy lymph systems and the slew of issues stemming from it. To help keep the lymph system healthy in your body, brush the skin every day with a bath brush, get plenty of exercise, drink plenty of good quality water daily, self massage the neck, underarms, chest, breasts (in women), groin region in both male and female and testicles in men on a daily basis. The lymphatic system resonates with the frequency pale green so you can also visualize the entire system filled with this color. Making sure you are eating correctly to keep the spleen in good health with dramatically assist the lymph system. This means avoiding cold drinks and ice foods, excess sugars and all refined foods. Doing a full kidney cleanse a few times a year will also greatly help the lymphatic system.

This is a highly important system in our bodies that most people overlook. Pay attention to it and it will help change the quality of your overall health.


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