This page was created because of the increased amount of amazing people who wish to donate to Element Mountain for the work that is done above and beyond events and courses. It is very true that we not only run this school, but also am engaged in many social volunteer actions in which we offer knowledge for free. This includes local schools, radio shows of which we spend many hours a week in free teachings), side documents that are sent to potential students and groups, free interactive hikes and so on.

This page is set up so that anyone can offer any size donation they wish in a confidential manner.

We offer our deeply felt thank you to all of our students and those who follow and support all that we do with dedication.


  • Donations can be sent via US Postal Service to:
Element Mountain  – PO Box #13, Starksboro Vermont, 05487 -Please make out monies to Element Mountain

You may also send donations through Paypal to White Wolf Von Atzingen (

In thanks,

Wulamallessin (be well and happy)

White Wolf