Welcome to our excursions page!

“You’ll get more happiness spending money on experiences like going to art exhibits, doing outdoor activities, learning a new skill, or traveling.” “Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods. You can really like your material stuff. You can even think that part of your identity is connected to those things, but nonetheless they remain separate from you. In contrast, your experiences really are part of you. We are the sum total of our experiences.” Dr. Thomas Gilovich

Every year people from all over come to Vermont to get out into nature and explore, experience and have themselves a good time. Yet every year a few people get themselves more then they bargained for. They either get lost because they do not know the area or they get in trouble because they are unskilled and or overextend their abilities. Such things can turn a fun-filled day or weekend into a nightmare.

Why risk it when you can have just as much fun and perhaps even more by joining in on some guided excursions?

“Clinical studies have proven that 2 hours of nature sounds in a single day reduces damaging stress hormones up to 800% and activates between 500-600 DNA segments responsible for repairing and healing the physical body.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

What more reason do we need than that to get outside?

Our excursions are guided and take place in Vermont and vary from year to year as to what will be offered and when during the seasons they will be scheduled. Typically we deal in hiking, backpacking, camping and canoe/kayak outings.

Even though we do schedule specific excursions we also offer the option of small groups requesting an outing in the local area that we do not have scheduled.

For the most part the excursions run from late April or early May through September. In early to mid April it tends to be quite sloppy and very unpredictable weather here in the Green Mountains. It can very wet, muddy and raw with chances of heavy snow and or rains. Usually by the very end of April and early May the weather starts turning warmer. We do not see much in the way of plant growth or even leaves until the second week of May. Large game hunting begins in October here in Vermont and so we try to end excursions before the hunting season opens.

All of our guided excursions are geared to small groups, couples and even individuals. Many times we trek into deep and pristine wilderness areas. To keep our impact down, both in foot travel impact as well as overall presence so as not to disrupt all the life that live there, we keep our groups very small and always practice low impact travel and camping. For this purpose it is important to sign up for events early so they do not fill up without you.

Since we do not rent equipment or have a physical location storefront, we are able to keep our costs down. We offer some of the most affordable prices in the state for high quality events.

Our excursions are geared towards getting out into nature and exploring its countless wonders. Whether it be tracks, trees, birds, plants, edibles, medicinal, animals, weather patterns, general ecosystem focus, rivers, ponds and lakes, exercise, nature meditation; it all includes a heavy dose of fun! We allow for plenty of time for our excursions so there is no undue stress. These outings are for fun and exploration. The stress of the modern world should not be part of it.

All excursions are led by White Wolf. His many years of experience, patience, attention to safety and detail and relaxed wilderness demeanor make for a wonderful time in the great Vermont outdoors! Sometimes we have qualified guests that co-lead excursions as well, but if that is the case it is announced on the specific excursion information page.

Because we strongly adhere to the safety of everyone involved with our excursions, some outings me be postponed or canceled due to potentially severe and threatening weather.

Below you will find a list of excursions we currently offer and their “difficulty” ratings. With time more are added and some are removed. The list changes year to year with interest levels and environmental shifts. More will be added to this list in short-time.

For our current schedule track on over to our Schedule Page.