A few simple facts about our school, Element Mountain. For more details and our introduction video please visit our About Us Page.
  • We are located in the north Green Mountains of Vermont
  • We do not have an actual school/facility base, but rather teach in the local wilderness areas and state forests
  • Indoor classes are held at local facilities
  • Element Mountain is a Wilderness Exploratory school
  • Element Mountain is a refined spin off from the former Ways of the Wild Institute
  • Our classes are kept small for the purpose of more potent personal teachings
  • Element Mountain is not a large “corporate” style school
  • We are a small, personal and high quality “ma & pa” school focused on integrity
  • We run classes in all 4 seasons
  • We hold true to a friendly, respectful, caring and openly honest energy
  • We keep our costs low to make our classes and products affordable
  • We are not here to prove anything, we are here because we love what we do and wish to share!
  • No Smoking at any Element Mountain class, camp or excursion unless the smoker is at least half mile away. NO EXCEPTIONS.