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This page is dedicated to all websites, in which I find to be of direct interest and usefulness in philosophy, skill, service and knowledge  that aligns with that of the Ways Of The Wild Institutes’s.

The following websites I recommend to those who who seek to further their study in specific natural ways of living or who seek assistance from professionals who offer their wisdom in these ways. An amazing tea company whose teas are not only extremely health beneficial, but also delicious. Completely organic and environmentally conscious in quality and harvest, this company is first class if you are looking for authentic and healthy Asian teas.

This is the wonderful company who designed my website as well as my business cards and book cover. (Shadow Scorpion) I highly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with their website or business designs. Not only do they do exceptional work, but I continue to find them to be very friendly, prompt and fair priced. Randy Maugans radio show is one of a kind and well worth your time. A personal friend, Randy runs a great show. Wolf Spirit Radio, run by Dave Corso is well run show covering a vast amount of topics presented by a wide variety of people from around the world.

Melissa Roberts, located in Estes Park Colorado is truly an amazing acupuncturist. From personal experience I can attest to her skills in alternative healing. If you are located in that region and looking for a trustworthy and skilled healing assistant you might want to contact her.

Elizabeth is an exceptional acupuncturist who practices in Burlington Vermont. Not only does she display outstanding skills, but also holds a wonderful balance between genuine care and personality with professionalism. This is a very informative site that offers people professional services in helping create a safe and healthy indoor environment that is free of toxins.

Kristen Neiling-

Her professional careers as a Sociologist, Psychologist PhD, Media Manager, the loss of one of his children and a near death experience have all provided her with the language from the heart, necessary to give to a hungry world, a message of love, hope, compassion and understanding. As a professor and counselor, Kristen  has been featured on radio and television in many countries of South America, North America and Europe.

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