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Greetings to All and a happy February, This is just to announce the release of my newest e-book entitled, PTSD- Living with the Beast, a personal story. *** “To quote White Wolf, “People diagnosed with PTSD are in pain and suffer daily. They do not have some disease or some contagious condition. They require some […]

I have decided to go public with this information, not really to state facts or truth, shed light on anything that I feel needs to be “exposed”, but rather because it is simply an aspect of my ongoing healing from a life of extreme trauma. I do not present this information as “truth”, because personally […]

Below you will find a three part article that was originally posted in the Wolf’s Den of Element Mountain. This series is one of a great many in the Wolf’s Den. It was felt strongly enough by a number of people that this particular article was potent enough to be shared further than the Wolf’s […]