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Word has it that the Dream Catcher came originally from the Ojibwe Native Americans around the Great Lakes region. The oldest legend surrounding the Dream Catcher can be found from that tribal people. However, like all good things, the Dream Catcher spread far and wide as time flowed across the land. If we leave the […]

Greetings from Element Mountain Vermont! Below you will find a few photos from our last set of events that took place a couple weekends ago. We hiked up Mt Abe in the Green Mountains, toured the Ausable Chasm in the Adirondacks, wandered back into the Green Mountain National Forest to a remote natural pond, went […]

Wilderness, River and Mountain! Spring in Vermont is a time of gratitude after a long hard winter. It is also a time of excitement and newfound vitality after months and months of subzero temps, deep white snows and many days of gray skies. The earth begins to warm and wildflowers, almost forgotten from the prior […]

Tuesday December the 9th the storm rolled into Vermont and started out as rain and wind. As the day progressed the above freezing temperatures dropped, turning rain to ice. The ice built and built before the air cooled enough for snow to form. Overall the air never got cold enough to change the heavy wet […]

Hello Everyone, The following are small excerpts of a small handful of the exciting, highly informative, engaging and quality articles found in the Element Mountain Wolf’s Den. If you are not a member you are missing an incredible amount of hard to find, extremely practical and potent material. Don’t miss out on any more. The testimonials found at […]