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If you kayak as much as I do you probably go with folks from time to time, which means transporting more than one kayak. For the average sized car this can pose difficulties. With standard roof racks it is fairly easy to fasten down a single kayak, but trying to cram two up there, well […]

This past Memorial Day weekend I went out to a primitive island on Lake Champlain to camp for a few days. This is the same island were the Element Mountain Lake Champlain Island Camping Event takes place. I do not want to get into much written detail here because I made you a video instead […]

(Not Currently Scheduled) Vast sky, cerulean blue spanning space between ancient mountains; warm air, light of sun glistening off water, deep and cool. Gulls and loons, cormorants and osprey glide the air and water alike as we slip through the “Lake in between”. Lake Champlain, considered the “Most Historic Lake” in all the United States, […]

Just as above under the Lake Champlain Paddle Event, the wonders of Lake Champlain await you during this Island Camping Event! In northern Lake Champlain set numerous islands dotted throughout the watery landscape. Some of them are dedicated state lands under the State Park regulations. One such island is where we head out to during […]