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My Teacher always spoke of the great importance of solitude for the sake of healing, centering, grounding, spirituality, inner sight, higher connections, self discovery, the facing of self and the deeply personal interaction with the natural world around us and within us. Every once and a while he would allow me to partake in the […]

The Totem is a very misunderstood energy today in the modern world.  So much disinformation is around today concerning the Totem that I find many of my new students to be very confused and severely limited in their abilities with Totems. In my training years ago under my Native Teacher, the Totem was a huge […]

Scheduled – July 22-26, 2016 Cost – $800.00 Preregistration required – please email to inquire Length – 5 full days plus some night training Average day – 2 hrs training, 15 minute rest, 2 hrs training, 1hr lunch, 2 hrs training, 15 minute rest, 3 hrs training, dinner break (if night training return 3 […]

The mind of self control and total self awareness is the Eagle Mind. During such modern times of stress and turmoil, the human mind can become scattered and confused. Difficulty focusing and knowing what we want becomes a serious issue in daily life. Modern society is created to induce confusion by way of keeping everything […]

The Present of Health is one of the most important set of skills anyone can acquire in life. The state of our personal well-being determines the quality of our ability to interact with the world and all life. Just look at how we interact when we are healthy and full of energy compared to when we […]