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Here on Element Mountain we have a variety of fluctuating classes and events that range from a single day to two weeks in length. These classes and events span all 4 seasons and are based in Vermont. The classes are geared to smaller groups of people and take place both indoors and outdoors depending upon the subject of focus.

The topic range travels the trails of Awareness, Wilderness Skills, Personal Empowerment and the Sacred. Each holds a special place within Element Mountain and within our hearts. They have spanned eons of time and evolution, always present in the lives of all who call the Earth their home and special in countless ways.

Our events vary from season to season and year to year but can always be found tapping into the primal power, joy and fun of the natural elements of Vermont from the wide waters of Lake Champlain to the high tops of the Green Mountains. They are laid out into 4 main energy levels, Porcupine, Mink, Bobcat and Wolf.

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