About Wolf’s Den

White Wolf has been writing highly detailed articles on a wide variety of topics for numerous years, since 2008, for your benefit. Among those articles are topics in healing, medicine, wilderness living, survival, ecology, biology, zoology, Native philosophies, spirituality, poetry, global agendas, mind control, shadow government, off-world events and many others! Until November 2013 we hosted a blog where ongoing articles were posted. However, at the end of 2013 the exclusive Wolf’s Den was created and the old blog was dismantled.

No longer is White Wolf content with just presenting the level of information that he had been in the blog, but wished to bring it to a higher, more dynamic level with even greater depth. It was his wish to turn a new leaf in Element Mountain for your benefit. Thus the Wolf’s Den was created.

We are very excited about this section! It has begun to take on dynamics that were not originally intended, but that we feel are highly strengthening aspects to the school. At first it was just going to be a place where White Wolf would post his Peak Articles that he so kindly and diligently invests a great deal of time and energy into writing. However, he got to thinking that the members section had to be more than that. Within a few weeks of its opening back in November 2013 we had six unique people from around the world getting ready to launch with us in the Wolf’s Den!

So what is the Wolf’s Den? And what will you get out of it?

The Element Mountain Wolf’s Den is a place where paid members gain full access to ongoing Peak Articles, Videos, Stories, Poetry and Art through which you can embark upon studies and interaction of greater depth, dynamic and personal evolutionary power. This is an elite area within Element Mountain where you gain direct and deep level access to White Wolf’s wisdom as well as the opinions and wisdom of the other highly prized contributors. This is indeed an inner sanctum, the Den of the Wolf, containing life-changing knowledge that will assist you in seeing your reality like you never have before! You will find no Internet wars or trolls/schils patrolling and creating drama inside the Element Mountain Wolf’s Den. This Den is about Integrity, open sharing, mutual respect, awareness and personal growth.

It will not just be White Wolf’s Peak Articles you will gain access to in the Wolf’s Den, but also high quality articles and artwork from various other highly talented people who have a great deal to offer that align with one or more aspects of Element Mountain philosophies.

As of February 2017 we have over 1,200 articles in the Wolf’s Den, including videos from the startup in November 2013! More are posted regularly.

At the start-up of the Wolf’s Den we had the following individuals who submitted their work on the member’s side with White Wolf:

  1. Sami Vartiainen
  2. Famous Finnish Dance Choreographer/ Graphic Artist.
  3. Julia Semple
  4. Advanced Massage Therapist and Energy Worker.
  5. Karl Johannes Suominen
  6. Famous “politically aware” Rap artist by the name Jontti and Global Interviewer/Nature Enthusiast.
  7. Jay T. Hunter
  8. Ecologically Sustainable Tea Master and founder of Wild Tea Qi.
  9. “Blood Ritual Monarch”
  10. Self healing (de-programming) of a Blood Ritual Monarch.
  11. Eve Lorgen
  12. Author, researcher, consultant in anomalous trauma.
  13. Eagle Flower
  14. Radio host for the former Wolf Spirit Radio, Eagle Flower Show
  15. Kira
  16. MIT Med grad, world traveler, healer, researcher
  17. White Wolf Von Atzingen
  18. Founder and owner of Element Mountain  

    These folk are from Finland, America, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Northern Asia. Each has carved a niche in life with their unique skills and talents and are willing to share their wisdom and experiences with you through the Element Mountain member’s section. This is quite the diversity and exciting dynamic to the website and school! Each one is affiliated with the school and align energetically with what they do to one or more facets of what we do through Element Mountain. With all of them submitting works along with White Wolf’s own Peak Articles and videos that will be offered no place else, this ever expanding section is of the highest quality.

    Each contributor to Wolf’s Den has their own special section that contains a short biography followed by a list of their articles or artwork and links to their websites or blogs. These works will remain in the Wolf’s Den, meaning what is posted on day #1 will still be available to read or view years down the line. The more time that goes by the higher the value the Wolf’s Den gains.

    Within a real Wolf’s Den what occurs? Birth, growth, nurturing, expansion, protection and learning happen inside a Wolf’s Den and this is what you can find inside the Element Mountain Wolf Den. When you join the Wolf’s Den you gain access to an inner circle of knowledge long gained by White Wolf and contributors.

    Real ~ Vast ~ Practical ~ Deep ~ Unique

    As the Wolf’s Den evolves; more people will join in to offer their unique skills and perspective to help you help yourself. As the years have progressed this evolution has come in the form of members and their invaluable discussions and comments which give the articles that much more depth and perspective. The list of contributors that began the Wolf’s Den remain with their articles, but the main contributor today is White Wolf himself, who continues to share information that is very difficult or almost impossible to find anywhere else online.

    Your membership dues will go to the much needed advertising of Element Mountain and continuing updates to make the institute more and more strengthening for all of you and everyone who comes into contact with us. Your dues are not for profit, but rather for the continued building evolution of all that we do.

    Are you ready to join the Den of the Wolf?

    Have you come to a place in your life where you wish to know more and gain highly informative knowledge presented from within the wisdom of the Wolf?

    For full details on signing up please visit our How to Sign-up page.

    We look forward to having you join us in the Wolf’s Den.

    “Wolf is the Grand Teacher. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the radical and the traditional in the same breath. When the Wolf walks by you – you will remember.”

    Wolf Den Member Testimonials:

    ~~ The Wolf’s Den has been both an amazing experience and a major surprise to me on various levels. First, I am not someone to easily join forums or groups, I don’t facebook, I don’t twitter or any of that nonsense and I try to avoid getting into heated discussions on boards just because someone disagrees with me… So, when I signed up for and entered the Wolf’s Den I was not sure what and who would be awaiting me inside. Now, as it turns out the Wolf’s Den has been the single most friendly, supportive, protective and protected, informative as well as entertaining and interactive of experiences I have ever had on the web, period! Not only is every single one of the authors a unique and gifted individual from whom reading an article is a genuine delight, also every one of the commenteers I have found to be nothing but super jovial, supportive, caring and highly intelligent people whom interacting with and having discussions with is actually, one may barely believe it, something to look forward to! Here I need to quickly address and give praise to the man who made all this possible; White Wolf! I have to say that he is integrity made flesh and if it weren’t for the extreme amounts of energy he pours into the Wolf’s Den, it would not have attracted the kind of people it thus far has! So, a major AWOOOOO goes out to White Wolf for creating a sacred haven on the internet unlike any other! The Wolf’s Den is unique, the Wolf’s Den might not be for everyone, but for those for whom the hate-filled, troll-infested, disinformation-polluted wastelands of today’s internet communities have become unbearable might just find them self at home here, in the Wolf’s Den. ~ New York ~

    ~~ While I haven’t used the Den as much as I should, I’m glad I took out a year’s membership and am easing my way in. The information and articles discussed here is rarely found elsewhere on the internet, especially in this format. Different contributors that write the articles mean you get different points of view and this can only be a good thing. I would encourage anyone to at least give membership a try and see what happens, you might find an answer to a long held question. ~Ireland~

    ~~ Wolf’s Den allows for a wealth of information, inspiration and insight found nowhere else. White Wolf’s unique take on the world combined with a host of versatile and interesting contributors makes up for endless hours of gripping and utterly useful material. I cannot recommend enough. Thank you for putting the Wolf’s Den together, White Wolf! ~Finland~

    ~~ The Wolf’s Den is a unique and dynamic space where hard-earned knowledge is shared, creative ideas are exchanged, practical wisdom abounds and a supportive word is never far away. I greatly value the articles and discussions in the Den, and appreciate the diversity of content found within as well as the inclusion of topics that are often marginalized elsewhere. Since joining the Den, I have gained not only invaluable knowledge but also increased confidence and greater ease of authentic expression. ~Quebec~

    ~~ The Wolf’s Den is a place for me to learn, explore, and share. I find the articles varied and informative, and the subject matter at times completely surprising. I’m exposed to things previously foreign to me, but am glad for the awareness of them now. The comments for articles can be as informative and insightful as the articles themselves. It’s a place where everyone is respectful even when opinions differ. I find that extremely refreshing and am glad to be a member. ~Delaware~

    ~~ A true school. There are few platforms I have come across that can truly lay claim to being a vibrant, relevant, dynamic and balanced learning and collaborative environment. Where one can learn information that one is able to apply and that stimulates further desires to learn. Where one can have uplifting and balanced dialog, in a relatively supportive and non-judgmental space, and observe and practice behavioral wisdom in those exchanges. Where one can feel the clarity of intent and balanced perspective and perhaps most relevantly, apply it to expand awareness and influence behavioral shifts of neutrality, balanced perspectives, humility, courage and unity. While I have never met White Wolf on this earth walk, and we may have very different experiences and enculturation, I nonetheless honor and support his work and intention as I have found elements that resonate deeply with my own truth and have contributed to my understanding and expansion. May others also find a piece of themselves here to add to their own mosaic, nurture their spirit and uplift life. ~New Zealand~

    ~~ Not only an inspirational place to find point-blank useful information that’s difficult to find elsewhere, but also a rare jewel of open respect, honesty and common ground. No backstabbing, gossip or other low energy have I found in the Wolf’s Den, unlike so many other sites out there on the web. Visiting the Den is a highlight of my day because the energy is so fresh and clear and I never visit without gaining some practical info from one or more of the contributor’s articles and or member’s discussions. Thanks for upholding such amazing integrity! ~ North Carolina~

    ~~ Thanks, White Wolf, for providing the Element Mountain Wolf’s Den! There is something here for everyone. Your articles and those from other contributors offer suggestions, guidance and inspiration on the path to self-discovery. Your philosophy of moving to the wilderness within ourselves and to simplicity prevails. The Element Mountain membership comes from diverse experiences who offer their insights while maintaining respect and regard for each other. I daily incorporate Element Mountain practices into my life experience. Keep up the good work, White Wolf! ~ North Dakota~

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